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Student Testimonials


"Jesse is a great teacher and artist. He keeps his classes on the smaller side so there is time for individual attention. Jesse makes custom tools as well so you have some great tools to buy and use in class. I've taken an etching and a casting class and plan to take more while in Mexico. Highly recommend


"Jesse is a great teacher. I've taken a group class and individual instruction. Highly recommend


"I have taken several workshops from Jesse in the United States and abroad. He is so fun to work with and pays close attention as well as being flexible to your needs. Once I even filed my design too far. I was so disappointed but Jesse just stepped in and was able to help me recover with ease. No big deal! I cannot say enough about Jesse's skills and knowledge. You will not be disappointed. 


"Jesse makes beautiful art and the way he shares his lifelong experience and techniques makes him a really good teacher. I can definitely recommend his classes for beginners as well as advanced jewelers, because it is a pleasure to talk with Jesse about the micro and macrocosmos of Jewelry. From the beginning of making your own tools till the finished of a unique piece.

@lauravp - Pratt School study abroad program in Mexico

“Jesse encouraged me to envision the project that I really wanted to make— for me I had always wanted to design a simple Cigar Band ring with a larger stone. He patiently guided me through each step required along the way showing me techniques while having me learn them myself. The end result is a ring that catches a lot of attention out in public. This started me on path designing rings.


"Estoy deseando volver a repetir la experiencia de dar clase con Jesse. Es un maestro metodico, preciso pero sobre todo paciente y apasionado en todo lo que hace. Con él se aprende mucho en muy poco tiempo y sobre todo te da una vision fantastico al poder crear tus propios herramientas. Eso te hace crecer como artista y aumentar tus expectativas creativas. Con muchas ganas de repetir con él para seguir aprendiendo.


"I met Jesse in Porto, Portugal, in one of his short courses. It was a really good course, first of all because Jesse has a huge knowledge about tools, materials, and techniques that allows you to use the most unexpected pieces to create and explore your creativity. I am an ecologist, and I like to recycle as much as I can, that was the main reason to take his course, and I wasn't disappointed. I learned alot, it was an interactive and fun class. Thanks Jesse!


"Compartir y aprender las técnicas de maestro Jesse Bert en nuestra escuela, a sido una de las experiencias mas enriquecedoras que hemos podido tener... Practico, sencillo y divertido, nos dio un aire renovador con sus técnicas y procesos... Gracias Jess por tus enseñanzas y buenos animos!!

Jenny Weisenthal, Fayetteville, NY

"We came to San Miguel in November of 2019 for a week and I had the unbelievable luck of working in Jesse Bert’s metalsmithing studio everyday for 3 hours. He is a such an amazing artist and technician.  He taught me and then helped me practice 4 different metalsmithing processes that I’d wanted to learn for a long time.  I used his custom tools (to die for) and then he made me tools to take back to my studio in New York.  Just an amazing stroke of luck that he was available that week.  Wow.


"I have taken two workshops with Jesse Bert in the last three years: Delft Clay Casting and Salt-Water Etching. Classes were small and there was plenty of individual attention. Jesse is a good communicator and a patient teacher. If he offered workshops in my community I would not hesitate to take them. His classes are not only wonderful learning experiences, they are fun!

@303artwerks    (Mini-apprenticeship done through VAWAA)

"Jesse is a very kind and giving teacher. I am a beginning jewelry designer and aspiring art college applicant. Jesse taught me so many basic skills that I can use for the rest of my life. He took the time to listen carefully to what I wanted to make, and helped me turn my ideas into a finish piece of jewelry that I'm proud of."


It was awesome to have enough support that I could take off with the skills I already had, but when I got myself into a bind, Jesse was able to help me learn how to sort out the problems. I loved his ability to show me how to use unconventional materials in my work. His sand casting class was spot on for what I needed to push my skills to the next level and be able to continue my Metals education. 

~ Laurie Van Peursem Raubacher

Seattle, Washington

Edward Smith, Seattle, Washington

"Jesse is an amazing teacher. I reached out to him wanting to learn how to do sand casting and left feeling confident to be able to apply what I had learned on my own. He was able to answer all of my questions and provided me multiple areas to look into more to continue my learning. I already have more classes planned with Jesse."

Heather Timken, Vashon Island, Washington

"Jesse was professional,  flexible and knowledgeable - I was seeking a distinct skill set - he quickly understood the focus and in a very short time shared his skills generously, and I left feeling confident and excited to move my project forward. It was a pleasure."

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